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See You after Hibernation


Support local and a friend with this Limited Edition "Bubba" Hibernation Post Card! Send a personal note and redeem two beverages with that special someone at the shop once isolation is over! 

hibernation post card

Our Story

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company is built by the wilderness that drives it. We meticulously marry fresh and bold coffee with the urge to explore. The company found its inspiration over a percolated cup of coffee on a backpacking trip one morning in the rolling hills of Alberta, Canada. Our methods and values were forged from our experiences as wildland firefighters. Since then, the company's foundation continues to grow and evolve during backyard BBQs, weekend mountain adventures, cold ones with friends and late nights under star-filled skies.

Like our beans, the love grew naturally. Through experimentation and time we learned more about the art of coffee roasting.  We knew we had something special. CHRC is the home-grown, outback, rugged, mountain-fresh, clear skies sort of thing that Alberta is all about. 

It's here our story truly begins. Calgary Heritage Roasting Company believes in active collaboration, giving back to the community, and getting back to nature. It’s about time your coffee tasted as wild as you are.

Stay Wild!

Our Vision: To be a benchmark of quality in the coffee industry, while inspiring others to enhance their outdoor experiences in a sustainable and environmentally non-compromising way. 

Our Mission: To inspire a thirst for authentic collaboration fostering a passionate community, while actively encouraging our customers involvement and stewardship of the outdoors through coffee. 

Welcome Home!

CHRC Coffee Shop & Roastery

Who is Bubba?

Bubba is not only the friendly grizzly bear on our logo, he is a symbol of collaboration and a constant reminder of the wilderness we value so much. We take every opportunity to work alongside, listen to and experiment with our collaborators and friends. Our goal is to foster a community, create an unforgettable experience and strive to be outstanding stewards of our land.

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