Personal bias aside we wanted to poll the masses on their opinion of at home roasting, so naturally we took to the internet! What we found was a mountain of opinions from both sides of the fence. Both parties highlighting their pros & cons for choosing their way, debating why their opinion is the indisputable end-all-be all.

It does not take an incredible amount of research to figure out where we lie, but we wanted to throw in our two cents on why we love the idea of at home roasting and why we think you would too! 

It's Fun!

For our company this word sits at the top of our values list. If it is not fun, we are not doing it and why should you be? Not to say roasting your own coffee at home comes without its unique challenges and frustrations, but we can assure you from personal experience it is always fun. 

It’s a Skill!

You know the sense of accomplishment and pleasure achieved when you change out a flat tire on your car for the first time, cook that perfect steak, or file your own taxes? The same sense of accomplishment and pleasure is felt when you roast your own coffee beans. You have taken something so raw and seemingly unusable, and made it into something viable, something that can be enjoyed, something that is delicious. With most skills you gain an appreciation for the craft, the effort it takes to bring something from point A to point B, roasting coffee is no different and the sense of accomplishment felt is undeniable. 

It’s Versatile.

When we started roasting we were not looking to appease anyone’s pallets but our own. We would roast in cast-iron pots over campfires, on baking sheets on the BBQ, and in hand crank popcorn popping pots (say that 5 times fast). The result was always a darkened coffee bean that tasted incredible to us because the act of roasting it ourselves elevated it to an entirely different level. There is little involved when roasting your own coffee at home; a bag of green coffee beans, a heat source, something to stir the beans, something to put them in, and a great attitude (remember have FUN). If you are after consistency and want to take your roast to the next level, we recommend an at home roaster. These roasters are designed to roast small batches of coffee providing proper consistency and profiles.  

Its Fast & Cheep!

One of the worst feelings is having to throw away food that has gone bad, this is easily avoided with coffee! Green beans have a shelf life of 1-3 years allowing you to roast the batch size you want to, when you want to, ultimately reducing waste and ensuring you have the freshest cup of coffee possible. Roasted beans are obviously more expensive than green beans due to the efforts associated with roasting and their associated costs. Although green and roasted coffee bean prices differ greatly depending on where the beans are purchased, one truth remains, the roasted version of a specific bean will always be more expensive than the green version. Roasted bean prices are 30-50% more than green beans. Roasting at home takes little to no time, generally just under 10 minutes! Just think, you could have roasted your own fresh coffee by the time it took you to read this blog!

Everything outlined above is why we started roasting our own coffee, and we will wager that at least one of these things apply to anyone who roasts their own coffee as well. There is truly so much to love about at home roasting, the experience, aroma, and satisfaction of creating something you love is simply incredible. We hope to have percolated your interest with this blog post (coffee pun) and that you decide to take the plunge into at home roasting or coffee in general!

Love -  Mike & Jamie