One of Calgary Heritage’s primary goals is to expose the art of roasting to the public yet it stands as one of the biggest hurdles throughout our journey. We want everyone to know that they have the ability to conquer such a fulfilling and unspoken skillset. Before the industrial coffee-roasting shift had occurred post World War I, everyone and their dog were roasting coffee at home. It was ritual, it was cheaper, and it was part of our HERITAGE. At Calgary Heritage Roasting Company we want to bring this back, we want to dig deep down and grab onto our roots because we all know that is what creates not only our culture but our identity too. As a society we allow skills like these to slip through our fingers all for a sliver of convenience, when in reality it is significantly inconvenient.

Mike and I started out like anyone else in this industry; we used a pan filled with green coffee beans, a wooden spoon, and we set this all over an open flame. At first the coffee turned yellow, then brown, then it smoked like hell making it impossible to see what was happening. Finally, we were left with a scorched mess of chocolaty brown and charcoal black bits in a pan (say that five times fast). It may not have been pretty, but we roasted it, and it was probably the best coffee we have had to this day. It is likely true that it takes 100,000 hours to master a skill, but hey, you have to start somewhere and nobody said you need to be Leonardo Da Vinci to create a masterpiece. Unlike brewing beer or wine at home, roasting your own coffee is essentially instant and so is the gratification that comes with it. Coffee roasting is an exciting experience that allows you to connect with coffee on an entirely different level further enhancing your love for coffee. Not to forget the savings too.

As the New Year brings new excitements so does Calgary Heritage Roasting Company! Over the next month we will be showcasing our roasting abilities with a series videos and blog posts regarding various coffee roasting techniques. If you are a coffee enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of coffee be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for fun engaging updates, videos, pictures, and interesting coffee facts. Ohhh…and one last thing, STAY WILD!