Are you worried you can’t possibly get a gift manly, burley or strong enough for the hunk in your life? Well all of these gift ideas just built a full log cabin in the wilderness! Dads, brothers, boyfriends, you are welcome.

1. Bushfire Supply Kit by Medicine River Soap

Fire burns deep within this smoky kit. A powerful mixture that will restore battle-worn tired skin and will keep calling you back to the blaze. This supply kit contains a small bar of our Bushfire soap and a jar of Bushfire skin balm - $30

Pick up online at or locally in Red Deer, Alberta if you are in the area

2. Wetterlings Wildlife Hatchet by Kent of Inglewood

This handy dandy hatchet is a perfect side kick in any situation. Transportable, it’s good for splitting small logs, carving wood, and use as a knife. Remember, good things can come in small packages - $146

Pick up at Kent of Inglewood located in Inglewood Calgary, Alberta or online at

3. Scotch

Now some people think you need to break the bank for a great scotch, we know this to be false. Don’t get us wrong, there are some rough drinks out there but like cologne men love receiving scotch as a gift rather than buying it for themselves. I polled the people around me while writing this and here are a few recommendations: Glen Garioch, Lagavulin 16, Glenfiddich 12 - $50- $100

Pick up at most major liquor retail locations in Calgary

4. Stanley Mountian Vacume Coffee System 1.1qt by Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

Enjoy french pressed coffee wherever the trail leads with this all-in-one Mountain Vacuum System. Boil water in the stainless steel pot, brew your coffee with the integrated press, pack it in the leak-proof vacuum insulated thermos, and enjoy it hours later out of the lid that doubles as a cup - $60

Pick up online at and the boys at CHRC will hand deliver them to your home on Tuesday or Thursdays weekly (Calgary Only) or ship them anywhere in Canada using flat rate shipping

5. Heritage Toque by Camp Brand Goods

The classic cuff toque, a necessity for any outdoor adventure - $25

Pick up locally in Calgary, Alberta at The Livery in Inglewood or online at

6. Explorer Pack – At Home Roasting Kit by Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

Grab life by the horns and try something new because you never know how much you might love it! With our Explorer Pack At-Home Roasting Kit you will receive the Fresh Roast SR500 along with three pounds of specially selected green beans. The roaster is a little bit bigger than a magic bullet and it roasts 130 grams of coffee in under 10 minutes. We hope you decide to dive into your own coffee experience with the Explorer pack. Get wild - $250

Pick up online at and the boys at CHRC will hand deliver them to your home on Tuesday/Thursday weekly (Calgary Only) or ship them anywhere in Canada using flat rate shipping

7. The Walter – Chestnut by Populess

As reverent as the family behind the name. The Walter Wallet is our version of the timeless Bi-Fold wallet. cut with 4-5oz Premium Leather constructed for quality and durability. Embossed with "The Populess Co." logo on the outside and inside of the wallet. As well embellished with "Born Where the Prairies Meet the Mountains" on the inside of the main cash compartment - $84

Pick up online

8. Dog Days Candle by Muttonhead

Made in Canada, this all-natural coconut wax blended candle, which smells like Sandalwood, fir, and cedar-wood and will make the perfect addition to any living space, not to mention its 40-hour burn time - $40

Pick up at the North American Quality Purveyors shop located in Inglewood Calgary, Alberta or online at

9. ElkHorn Blanket by Mollyjogger

The distinguished Elkhorn Tavern, easily identified by its antler adorned ridgepole, was described as a place "of abundant good cheer". Rugged, water-resistant cotton canvas on one side, poly filled polyester on the other, each utility blanket is crafted from genuine Carhartt® quilted, durable material. Finished with military grade binding and maker's label. - $158 USD

Pick this up online at

10. Woodsman 6 Pack by Village Brewery


The Woodsman arrives from the North. His great crimson coat fragrant with pine, his brawny body shouldering a curious bounty. For somehow, somewhere out there, he captures fresh, warm biscuits and roasted nuts. It's a gift - $14-$18

Pick up at most major liquor retail locations in Calgary; Check out





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