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6 Canoeing Essentials

6 Canoeing Essentials

January 23, 2019

When planning a day trip, especially a short notice one that includes being out on the water for most the day, you've got to be quick. When you do as many impulsive trips as Brodie and I, you have some idea of what you'd normally bring, but when doing something you've never done before, it's nice to have an outline. So, here's our recommendation of what to bring with you and prepare for on a canoe trip!

1. The Canoe:
Revolutionary concept eh? A canoe to go canoeing... seems fitting. Let me explain, if like us you have not yet committed to purchasing a watercraft, then you find yourself on the renting end. When Brodie first pitched the idea to me, I instantly assumed renting was going to be a huge hassle, but Sport Rent proved me wrong. We were honestly in and out, canoe mounted and all, in fewer than 20 minutes. So equipped with your newest adventure addition, you're ready to get into the good stuff.

2. But, What Will I Wear?
On the tail end of summer most of us are trying to hold on to the belief that shorts are warm enough. And while I hate to admit it, I would definitely have to recommend something a bit more versatile. The mountain weather, especially on the water can be very unpredictable. We both wore several layers and used all of them, as the weather throughout the day was hot and summery, rainy & windy and everything in-between.

3. What’s for lunch?
When you're planning on being away from the comfort of your home—or even the comfort of land for that matter—it’s important to bring some food to keep you going. With Brodie being not much of a master chef, I'm usually in charge of this department. For an activity like canoeing you want to choose something compact and easy. Choosing something simple allows you to get as much exploring in as possible instead of needing to put your energy into an extravagant meal. And of course last but not least, a little dessert coffee brought to us by no other than CHRC.

Photo by Bailey Corbiere

4. Tunes:
This trip was a perfect time to test out our "All Proof, All Weather" Monster speaker. And I must to say, having music was a great addition, and having peace of mind that the speaker is built to go anywhere we go, was amazing.

5. Photography Equipment:
A big portion of canoeing for us is capturing the scenery that is only accessible from the remote spots on the water. You may be thinking it's a bit of a risk to bring such an expensive piece of equipment onto a canoe, but for us it's worth the risk. Because how else would you get shots like these!

6. Adventurous Mindset:
This seems a little silly, but it's key to having a memorable time. For a few days before this endeavour we had been researching and planning to canoe on the Vermilion Lakes. Though when we arrived at our destination, the lake looked no deeper than two feet, much too shallow to canoe. With the advisory of a local about the water level, we decided to choose a different location. Going down a few of the lake roads on the other side of Banff we found a launch at Two Jack Lake that was much more suitable for canoeing. Sometimes the best locations and explorations are the ones that stray a bit from the plan, and being open minded gives any trip a chance to be the best one yet!

Photo by Bailey Corbiere


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