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Troll Falls

Troll Falls

January 23, 2019

Oddly enough it's plural for a reason. Though it seems many wanderers haven't realized that there is more to this little hike than just the initial falls.

Brodie and I definitely don't claim to be expert hikers; in fact we're quite new to hiking and just starting to get into all the different types of gear available. Though we do quite a bit of road tripping and often get out at the marked roadside attractions we have just recently started looking for some off-the-beaten-trail sites.

Our first attempt at "backwoods" hiking was in Kananaskis. I use the term backwoods very loosely as there was quite a bit more people than we had expected.

As we walked the quick trails to the falls the crowds just seemed to increased, and as much as we love a little mingling, we were looking forward to a Saturday just with us and the outdoors. I was a little discouraged by how many people were around, but I quickly remembered a friend telling me if you hike up the left side of the falls there is more to see.

I mentioned it to Brodie and before I knew it we were scaling up the narrowing unmarked trails beside the falls. For a couple minutes all we could see was dense lush forest, but before long we heard the rush of water somewhere in the distance. We continued to follow beside the stream that created the initial very populated falls and in a matter of minutes another beautiful set of waterfalls was in front of us. Luckily, the crowd below hasn’t heard about the upper falls so we had the place to ourselves.

Photo By Brodie Toliver

After seeing the second set of falls I was very curious if the trend would continue, and I coaxed Brodie into continuing the hike to see if there was any more hidden falls we could discover. As our leisurely hike continued the scenery just got better and better. With waterfalls of various different shapes and sizes appearing within a couple minutes of each other it was hard to know when to finish our hike.

But by the time we reached about the fourth or fifth set of falls we were both getting a little hungry and thought it would be a good time to head back to civilization. Our hike down was equally as scenic, although more people had figured out how to hike up the initial falls it was much more populated, kind of to be expected on a sunny Saturday.

With the falls being only about an hour outside of Calgary we had plenty of time to stop at every interesting thing we saw along the roadside. The one that caught my eye on the way in was Barrier Lake, the beautiful blue water and breathtaking mountain scenery made an amazing end to our explorations.

Something about clear waters and mountain scenery instantly make me want to take a dip. I hadn't quite prepared to be swimming as we had planned to just hike that day, but the urge was just too strong. Brodie being a little less impulsive around water decided to stay on land—let’s just say he missed out. The water was unreal, and the perfect temperature for swimming or just walking in, in my case.

Photo by Brodie Toliver

These vivid hideaways so close and convenient to Calgary made it a perfect day trip for pretty much any hiking ability. I would definitely encourage you die-hard hikers/explorers to go further than we did and let me know what you find!

- Bailey

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