Brand Ambassador - Calgary & Edmonton

We firstly want to thank you for your interest in working with Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, it means the world to us that you want to be part of the team.  As a company, we are growing and want to share our love of Alberta with Alberta, so this is where you come in. 

We are looking to hire a few Brand Ambassadors to help us facilitate in-store demo's at our retailers in Calgary and Edmonton. These are incredibly valuable to us as it gets our product in the hands of potential buyers. To quickly outline the job I have included a summary below.

The job of a CHRC Brand Ambassador is to sample out our coffee in retail stores to potential customers while educating them about our brand and product. An average job would be three and a half hours (not including travel time) to facilitate a in-store demo. The demo days would most likely fall on weekends or weekdays that there is a special event. The frequency of the demo's would depend on availability and retailer demand. The position itself is highly flexible, fun and contract so it is an opportunity to make some cash on the side while not consuming your social life. Compensation is competitive and there are also rewards for high performance. 

What we need from you:

1. Fill out and submit the application below; &

2. Upload your resume (with references) and cover letter by clicking the button "Upload Resume and Cover Letter"

Application deadline will be midnight on September 30th, 2018

If you have any questions please feel free to email us:

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