Green coffee beans are un-roasted, dense and hard. Although you can grind and brew un-roasted coffee, we strongly recommend the latter. Through the process of roasting coffee we can meticulously profile our coffee's releasing specific naturally occurring flavours while modifying the structural integrity of the bean, this allows for ease of grinding and extraction of the coffees properties with water. 

What’s the difference between a roasted bean and a green bean? 


We sell whole roasted and green beans only. Coffee’s biggest enemy is oxygen. Oxygen oxidizes coffee once it is ground robbing it of all vibrancy and flavour. Coffee will begin to stale after 20 minutes of being ground, therefore, we recommend grinding your beans right before making a pot or cup of coffee.


Do you sell pre-ground or whole beans?

What’s the difference between direct trade, rainforest alliance and usda organic?





Rainforest Alliance (Colombia) →  this label represents support of sustainable agriculture, social responsibility and integrated pest management.

Direct trade (Guatemala) → This phrase describes working directly with the farmer.

USDA Organic (Indonesia) → a product’s organic certification comes from every level of the production process. It starts at the farms and includes the actual roasting process.

Who is bubba and wHAT DO his hashtags represent?  

Bubba is more than the friendly grizzly bear on our logo, he is a symbol of collaboration! #BUBBASBUDS This hashtag is used to reference contributors to our blog. #BUBBASDENS This hashtag is used when referencing a retailer that carries bags of CHRC and/or serves hot cups of CHRC. 

Which of your beans can I use for espresso? 


You can use ALL of our beans to pull an espresso shot. However, we recommend our Colombia or Indonesia bean for the best tasting espresso shot. 

What's the difference between light, MEDIUM and dark roast?

Light Roast coffee is generally the most bright and acidic on the roasting spectrum. It is the lightest in body and can sometimes have a floral or fruity aroma. Light roast beans are light brown or tan in colour.

Medium Roast coffee balances acidity and body. The coffee's qualities begin to give way to the roast's flavours and aromas, but tasting notes from the bean itself are still prevelant. A medium roast will have a darker brown colour compared to a light roast.

Dark Roast coffee is generally bolder and richer in taste. Usually, dark roasts taste bitter. The flavour of dark roasts depends more on the roast; meaning you tastes notes from the roasting process, not the bean itself. Oils can be seen on a dark roasted bean. The beans are dark brown, sometimes black in colour. 

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