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Rooted Grounds (Pre-Ground Coffee)

Every year CHRC donates proceeds of coffee sold towards different social and environmental causes that are close to our heart – such as The Red Cross, to aid in combating wildfires that displace families and ravage our province, or publicity around the disbandment of the Alberta Rappel Wildfire Program.

This year we decided to bring exposure to an issue that effects every Albertan – Open Pit Coal Mining. While remaining a divisive topic, CHRC wants to encourage individuals to do their own research and form an opinion that aligns with their points of view. This is why we have partnered with the Oldman Watershed Council, a not-for-profit that works openly to find practical solutions to environmental challenges that impact us all.

Proceeds created from the sale of our Rooted Grounds coffee will go towards supporting the OWC in an annual endeavour called the Headwaters Restoration and Education Project – where volunteers band together to plant willows along the banks of the Oldman River to aid in embankment support and habitat restoration.

Going beyond the sale of our Rooted Grounds coffee, CHRC will become an active member in this restoration project, donating our time and resources furthering our commitment to our 2% for Conservation Certification and our 1 Million Planted Mission.

Tasting notes: Smooth and incredibly buttery, sweet with a delicious chocolate and toffee flavour with a satisfying “smoke” aftertaste. 

Grind Size: Medium – Best for drip or pour over 

Roast: Medium