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Save Alberta Rappel 340g Dark Roast

The Save Alberta Rappel coffee roast truly hits close to home for CHRC and Bubba. Both Mike and Jamie spent years fighting wildfires protecting our local forested communities here in Alberta. Jamie specifically spent four years on a Wildfire Rappel team where he actioned over 80 wildfires. In late 2019 due to budgetary concerns the Government of Alberta made a knee jerk reaction and a reckless decision to axe the historic 36 year old Wildfire Rappel program without any consultation, data, or research in order to save a mere $1.4 Million Dollars. To put this into prospective the 2016 Fort McMurray fire did $9 Billion Dollars worth of damage. This program housed 63 of Albertas elite firefighters of which actioned 23% of startup fires. This one hits way too close to home for CHRC as this company was forged in fire. CHRC is challenging the Government of Alberta to reinstate the Alberta Wildfire Rappel program ensuring Albertan residents are equipped with the best people and tools to remain safe so we can all continue to enjoy the wild lands we love so much! For every bag of "SAVE ALBERTA RAPPEL DARK ROAST" sold all proceeds will go directly to supporting the fight to reinstate the infamous Alberta Wildfire Rappel program.

Want to help more? Please visit the Save Alberta Rappel Go Fund Me Campaign

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