The following instructions pertain to the At Home Coffee Roasters we offer through our site. 

You picked up an at-home coffee roaster, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into and are starting to second-guess your purchase. Take a deep breath, relax, and read on. Not only are green beans substantially cheaper than roasted beans, with an at-home coffee roasting system you have the ability to roast coffee to whatever profile with no expense to freshness. At Calgary Heritage Roasting Company we work one on one with our customers, helping you achieve your perfect roast profile with ease.

Although our Fresh Roast SR500/700 machines come with manufacturers instructions we recommend using ours in conjunction with theirs.

Set Up:

-               Unpack roaster and get excited!

-               Remove all plastic wrapping from appliances before starting.

-               Do not immerse machine in water, make sure roaster is unplugged and gently wipe down roaster with damp cloth.


-               The SR500 and SR700 roasters are designed to roast approximately 130grams at one time.

-               130 grams of coffee makes approximately 10-20 cups of coffee depending on coffee brewing method.

-               The 43cc-measuring cup that comes with the kit holds approximately 32grams per scoop.

-               Place four scoops of green coffee beans into the glass roasting chamber.

-               Set glass roasting chamber in heating base and cover with top basket and top lid.

-               Set fan dial to full position, set timer to 5.9 minutes*, and lastly set the temperature to LOW, I repeat, LOW.

-               Press the “RUN/COOL” button once to start roasting process.

-               Throughout the roast process there are two audible sounds** that will let you know where the bean is at, along with many visual cues***.

-               The most important time for a coffee beans flavor profiling is between first crack and second crack, beyond that is a very dark/French roast.

-               Press the “RUN/COOL” button once to immediately cool down the coffee beans, or hold down for three seconds to shut the machine down in case of an emergency.

-               After the roast has finished allow the cooling mode to cool the beans until the unit stops.

-               Be careful removing the roasting chamber, basket and top cap, as they will be extremely hot.

-                To roast another batch press the button down once and the roasting machine will start with the previous settings.

-               Remember to clean out chaff from the upper basket after roasting.

-               Allow beans to de-gas after roasting for approximately three hours once roasted before grinding and brewing.

-               Beans will taste best after 3-5 days.

*Time: 5.9 Minutes is simply a guide. It may take less or more time to reach your desired roast profile so be diligent and watch/listen to your coffee when roasting.

**The audible sounds heard will be first and second crack. First crack is when moisture from the outer surface of the bean evaporates while the inner part of the bean remains cooler trapping moisture. Continual heating of this trapped moisture creates water vapor that eventually creates enough pressure to disrupt the cellulose structure cracking it, at which point first crack occurs. The sound is very similar to that of popcorn popping. Second crack is the second sound that occurs due to accumulating CO2 pressure, which also forces oils to the surface of the bean. Roasting past second crack will destroy much of the coffees unique flavours and structure.

***Throughout the roasting process you will see the beans turn from a light green to yellow, tan, light brown, dark brown, and even black if you roast well into second crack. The lighter the roast the more acidic, floral, and grassy it will taste. As the bean acquires a darker brown colour it also builds more body and less acidity. If you roast your bean too dark it will taste very bitter and carbonized. 

If you have any questions be sure to get in touch with us!