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1 Million Planted

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company has always had an affinity towards conservation and environmental stewardship – a connection to the wild places that ignited our passion to build the company we are today. In our pursuit of positive and lasting change, we have implemented many internal and external programs that put into motion a forward momentum towards betterment and awareness. While these programs have shaped who we are, we desired to create a movement that would define where we are going…

1 Million Planted is an all-encompassing goal that houses and fuels all of our stewardship programs. It allows us to create initiatives outside of our Buy A Bag = Plant A Tree Program and expands into all facets of the business. 1 Million Planted will be used to encourage collaboration opportunities as well as allow us to aid other environmental issues within our ecosystem.As a small business we understand the profound effect many small steps towards a larger goal can make – so for now, we walk towards planting 1 Million Trees by 2030.



CHRC is giving back to the natural wilderness that ignited our passion for this journey. In late 2019 Calgary Heritage Roasting Company partnered with Summit Reforestation out of Smithers, British Columbia in order to make a lasting impact on our planet and our home soil. We have committed to plant one tree on Canadian soil for every 340g bag of coffee sold. 

Your purchase is directly giving back to our amazing forests and ecosystems.

In 2020 our customers helped CHRC plant 30,600 trees on Canadian soil! Let's just stop for a moment and think about that. On average one mature tree can consume 48lbs of CO2 in a year and produce 260lbs of oxygen. Two mature trees can provide the oxygen for the consumption of a family of four.

Our trees are made up of pine, spruce, and douglas fir. This year our trees were planted west of Calgary, AB where the mountains meet the prairies.